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There was a bit of haar dodging today after a gloomy wet start. I went out after lunch and even saw some sun. But it is becoming conclusive that we have moved into the wet period of the summer – dry April and May, then wet June and July – that has been the pattern here for the last few years. As the summer progresses so we see more insects: more and more butterflies are appearing. I had a ringlet (very dark with six lovely spots on its underwing), and common blues (outrageously blue) at Kilminning and in the long grass at Roome Bay. Common blues aren’t that common, but they are lot more common than any of the other blue species around Crail.

Common blue – subtle
Common blue – outrageous

Passage migrant wise the season should really be over now. It will be quiet until the end of July, although the shorebirds will start passing through again in a week or two. There are more black-headed gulls back even now and there will soon be Mediterranean and little gulls to look for.

One of the newly returned black-headed gulls at Sauchope this afternoon – back in Crail until next April. There is a tiny bit of haar getting in the way – I hope it’s not back until April.

Posted June 19, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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