June 15th   4 comments

The rosy starling is still in residence. Its main place is at the corner of West Braes Crescent and the Anstruther road, visiting a busy bird feeder by the blue fence. You can’t see it when it’s on the feeder but as it comes and gos via the local rooftops it’s easy to see. It was clearly at home today, excluding the local starlings from its favourite feeder and even doing a bit of singing. I don’t think it will be off tonight – it’s still very cloudy. The haar was in most of the day again making it gloomy viewing for the starling and fairly difficult to look for anything else out at Fife Ness. I spent some more time today at Kilminning looking for marsh warblers that have also been appearing along the East coast this week. But marsh warblers are skulkers and on a very damp, foggy day it was a needle in a haystack job – if they sing, however, it is really easy. Almost nothing was singing today – for a lot of birds this type of weather, at this time, is really bad. With many species having newly fledged chicks, feeding and keeping them warm and dry will be very difficult.

The rosy starling of West Braes Crescent – here singing. Notice its sympathetic lock-down hair style.

Posted June 15, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

4 responses to “June 15th

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  1. Rosy Starling reported to be on the May Island today

  2. Still around this morning, on the overhead cables at the back of my house in Felkington Avenue.

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