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I checked the yellow wagtail sites first thing this morning. The nest in the cauliflower field – which has now been entirely harvested – seems to be inactive with no birds in the vicinity. The nest was active on Wednesday last week at least – my timings are very approximate so this may have fledged chicks but probably not. At Old Barns I saw two birds in flight, one an adult calling and a second shorter tailed one – so perhaps a newly fledged juvenile. Hopefully so. Later I saw a male a field away from the nest site. There is still time for more nests. As I scanned the fields I saw quite a few mallards flying from field to field. The network of burns (or rather, field side drainage canals) supports quite a few pairs. We have tens of mallards in the winter on the rocky shore around Crail and I think these all breed in the local farmland.

A local female mallard at Balcomie – the ones on the rocky shore now are probably failed breeders (JA)

I am not getting used to the shore at Balcomie without waders. June is always a quiet month but it never seems right. There was a late whimbrel, at least this morning. The swallows and martins were again low over the rocky shore and beach to beat the cool north-easterly. I watched them at Roome Bay but didn’t see any sand martins. I think they must have abandoned their nesting attempt there.

Whimbrel (JA)

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