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No haar this morning and the stillness and light of Sunday evening was back. The scene at Balcomie at dawn was again one of those special moments that seem to have been more common during lockdown: whether it’s the weather, or the lack of people or just the imperative to enjoy the simpler things. The sea was nearly flat calm with strong low sunshine and the fantastic background of the seals singing out on the rocks. Their ridiculous but very atmospheric “oohing” and aahing” could be heard at Kilminning. Any low tide with not much wind will do to hear the seals and I recommend a walk on Balcomie Beach just to hear them. You could at a pinch imagine that it was sirens singing, in the same way that you could imagine a seal being a mermaid…

The seal chorus this morning – you can just see the Bell Rock lighthouse in the background

Birdwise there was nothing obviously new in except for a beautifully full summer plumaged golden plover on the driving range (no-one there yet at 6:30 am). It was whistling plaintively just like they do when on the breeding grounds at the top of the Scottish hills to let you know that you have been spotted. An early failed breeder or on its way to the far north? – it could still be on time for a prompt start in Arctic Norway by the day after tomorrow. On the beach it was quiet again: one dunlin and three ringed plover.

A perfectly plumaged golden plover on the golf course this morning

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