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Five this morning back out at Kilminning was a complete contrast to the evening before. Far from beautiful – damp with thick haar. And no shrike. It had taken advantage of the good conditions last thing yesterday. Or it was hiding out in the middle of a bush waiting for the insects to get busy. The swallows appeared at seven and the sun began to poke through a bit to indicate the insects should have then been available but still no sign of it. Lots of stonechats including this year’s young, fully independent but sticking together, lots of whitethroats. I had a good check of the rest of Kilminning, top and bottom, just in case something else came in with the shrike. It seems likely it was brought down by the haar late morning across the Forth yesterday: I should think the May Island was busy, but if a tree falls in a forest… But not Kilminning – business as usual.

Another two of the red-backed shrike from last night. A female, and not a rarer shrike due to the white edges to the tail feathers you can see in the bottom photo reasonably well, the reddish brown rather than brownish red tail and the greyish nape
One of the young stonechats at lower Kilminning with the shrike last night (JA)

Posted June 1, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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