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There were more ringed plovers and dunlin on Balcomie Beach this morning, perhaps 50 or 60. The tide was in and the strong winds have washed in a lot of seaweed – there seemed to be a little flock of waders behind every clump. Otherwise today was much as yesterday. I sat at Fife Ness for a bit half an hour after sunrise – probably the worst time to be there to see anything because you are looking straight into the sun – but it was beautiful. I did notice that puffins usually fly a bit slower than razorbills and guillemots so you can spot them at a distance against the light as the little ones being overtaken. Later I chased a singing blackcap around Kilminning thinking it was a garden warbler. Blackcaps are great singers, probably the best in the UK, and when they mimic other good singers like blackbirds and add a bit of scratchy low garden warbler as well, they really are hard to beat. If you want to hear blackcap song then stand by the wooden bridge in Denburn tomorrow. There will be two really beautiful songs you will hear. The wistful, thoughtful, modest sounding one will be a blackbird and the exuberant, rounded and extrovert one will be a blackcap.

One of the blackcaps (there were probably 5 or 6 ) singing at Kilminning this morning

Posted May 13, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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