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I’m keeping to the rules: this means I missed a little egret down at Fife Ness today. I was there on my usual circuit at about 9:30 this morning but didn’t see anything. Then I was emailed a phone video of a little egret in stinky pool at 11, and John Anderson phoned me up at 3 to let me know too. This would only be my second ever Crail little egret even though they are common at the Eden Estuary now. It’s such a short bike ride down to Fife Ness… but I know I am very lucky with my lockdown location and my exercise route anyway, so I will just hope for tomorrow. I did connect with a garden warbler in the garden of the ruined cottage at Balcomie Castle. I heard it singing first – a lovely mixture of scratchy and melodic warbling, with a fair bit of mimicry. Enough that I was really pleased to see the bird a few minutes later just to confirm it was only a garden warbler. They, like lesser whitethroats, are an indicator species so it perked me up again. This morning I also saw a couple of northern wheatears on the rocky shore, five whimbrels, three summer plumaged dunlin, a summer plumaged sanderling, and lots of house martins. The house martins have finally come back to Crail in good numbers with birds at Balcomie, Sauchope and more at Roome Bay.

Garden warbler – this bird at Kilminning last May

Posted May 7, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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