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The swifts are back. There were messages appearing at about 6 this evening of swifts over central Fife, and I saw my first two at about half past seven. Swifts spectacularly arrive pretty much simultaneously everywhere in the UK – they are conspicuous and urban, arrive late, and fly hundreds of miles every day anyway, so there is no apparently slow wave of migrants spreading up from the south of England. I am so pleased to see them back: the migrant of the summer, here from only May to August. Their screams are the background to the summer gloaming, and long, warmer evenings. They are another species I last saw in January, above the rain forest in Liberia.

Common swift (JA)

There was nothing new during my Balcomie loop this morning apart from more sedge warblers back and more turnstones on the shore, roosting at high tide with a flock of 12 whimbrels. A couple of the turnstones were in their bright summer plumage – their high Arctic breeding season is still over a month away so the rest have plenty of time to spruce up.

A summer plumage turnstone at Balcomie this morning

Posted May 3, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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