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I was sat at my computer this morning carrying out one of those video meetings that have become routine over the last few weeks. Meetings are always dull, but I had a first today to brighten up this one. I noticed something peering up at me through a glass door leading to my back garden – a male pheasant in all its glory, less than a meter away. They really are outrageous with their gold leaf plumage, fleshy red wattles and yellow staring eye. I forgot my meeting and instinctively moved a bit closer – which is ridiculous considering how close it was anyway. The pheasant changed its focus and saw me behind the glass and then did that spectacular pheasant rocket ascent – straight up, almost instantaneously back out of the garden. It was all over in a few seconds and back to the meeting before anyone noticed. Number 133 for my garden list – I’ll remember that for a while, I’ve already forgotten what we were talking about at the meeting.

Pheasant (JA) – the first I have seen in my garden thanks to lockdown. They are not uncommon in Crail gardens but come in from the fields and I am right in the centre.

Posted April 28, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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