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Over the last two days more swallows, whitethroats, and willow warblers have been coming in with the good weather. There were nine whimbrels yesterday at Balcomie and six today: I can’t tell if these are the same birds here since last week or a steady turnover, but I think the former. A grey plover yesterday on Balcomie Beach was an obvious new bird though. And the white wagtails have gone again, so they are turning over. My best bird today was a jay flying out of Kilminning. Although a common bird elsewhere, they are rare in the East Neuk, with my nearest reliable site being the woods at the Secret Bunker and close to Fairmont. I have seen twenty times as many yellow-browed warblers around Crail than I have jays over the years. Beautiful and interesting and rare that Jays are, I think I still prefer yellow-browed warblers.

Jay – a major Crail rarity (JA)

The shelduck soap is hotting up at Balcomie. This morning there were five birds scrapping. A spare male had joined the two pairs and I don’t think any of them were very happy. One possibility is that the male has a female already on eggs and is straying in search of further opportunities, or it is a young bird looking for a last minute mate.

Five shelducks at Balcomie this morning

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