April 22nd   2 comments

The easterly winds are tantalising but not really delivering anything so far. A handful more common whitethroats, a whimbrel, two white wagtails, and a common snipe in the farm pond between Troustie and Sypsies. I think there were more swallows in today with a couple of birds now singing over the High Street. House martins are now conspicuous by their absence. There were a couple reported last week in Fife, but no sign of any in the East Neuk so far. Each migrant species has their own individual timetable, with variation arising because of different wintering areas, different routes and then different weather experienced along the way. So nothing to worry about – every year has a different pattern of arrivals. This year, after an early start, arrivals seem to be slowing down.

Common snipe – a single bird at the edge of a farm pond at this time of year is very likely to be a migrant. Even though we have resident snipe, many are migrants and some of these may have wintered in Africa (JA)

Posted April 22, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. Hi Will,
    The Coaltown of Wemyss house martins have been back for over a week now and I’m lucky enough to have a pair of Swallows twittering away on the ledge I supplied under the eves at the front of the house.

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