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The wind went back to a strong south-westerly today. I found another snow bunting on Balcomie Beach at almost the exact same location as the one on March 15th. But I think a coincidence. There were two reported from Anstruther this afternoon so they are on passage today. At this time of year I have seen small flocks flying past Crail about 100 meters out to sea, quite low. I think they migrate during the day and follow the coasts like meadow pipits. The pair of shelducks were in the same bay as the snow bunting. They seem to be moving up and down the coast a lot, from Crail to Balcomie, although it is confusing because there can be three pairs breeding in the area in some years. Today they were doing a lot of loafing and I could get quite close. I could see that the female is slightly smaller than the male and has less of a lumpy bill. It probably pays to be a bit smaller when you nest down a rabbit hole.

Snow bunting on Balcomie Beach this morning
The local shelducks: female on the left
Eiders and shelducks

There were one or even two chiffchaffs singing in Denburn Wood this morning. The song really is “chiff-chaff-chiff-chaff….” Very repetitive and one of the easiest songs to identify. Only the great tit does something a bit similar repeating two notes, but a great tit goes “tee-cher-tee-cher…”. There are lots more chiffchaffs in Crail gardens right now but most are not singing, although their softer “hoo-wheat” calls give them away.

Chffchaff (JA)

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  1. Thank you so much for your blog. I love it even more now that I’m not allowed to drive the short distance to my own (almost) native shore. I do hope you keep finding the energy to keep posting and keeping those of us who can’t get there in touch with the birds, tides, sightings….

    • Thanks. I am so glad that cycling was mentioned as a specific allowed activity for our exercise period. I can still get round a good bit of the area around Crail.

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