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I walked around Crail this morning in the grey and drizzle. It was incredibly quiet, no-one is driving about and I could hear every single bird noise. I even heard a great spotted woodpecker drumming from Beech Walk Park. There are more chiffchaffs in; a calling bird along the shore gardens of Nethergate, one singing in Denburn and another bird in my garden. They are over a week earlier than last year. The usual arrival date in Crail is about the 3rd April. Denburn was damp but busy with tit flocks and treecreepers and goldcrests; lots of things singing. I stopped to appreciate a blackbird. The commonplace is usually overlooked, but blackbirds are really nice looking, interesting birds. Although they are one of our commonest urban birds this hasn’t always been so. Some German birds got the knack of it in 1870 or so, and the habits, or the genes, have spread since then across Europe. Now is one of the best times to hear (and learn their songs). Just stick your head outside on an evening about 15 minutes before dark and you will hear a blackbird singing. They are often the only things singing just as it gets completely dark: but the song is also distinctive – thoughtful, melodic whistling phrases, barely repeated. Almost like a musical conversation.

A male blackbird in Denburn this morning

Posted March 26, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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