March 25th   2 comments

I am relatively lucky that the current constraints – a single period of exercise alone on a bike – mean that I can still go to Fife Ness and back, exercising both me and the dog and travelling in hope of bumping into a bird. There were three grey partridges in the newly ploughed field by Pinkerton. A pair and an interloper. There was a bout of calling and then a savage fight began: both birds coming to blows before one ran off. The second ran after it and after another scrap the interloper flew off back to the airfield. Most gamebirds are territorial when breeding but this is the first time I have seen grey partridges actually fighting. They can breed at quite high densities so this may have been a single male trying to muscle in on a female rather than a territorial dispute. The grey partridges around Crail had another good breeding year last year, and it has been a mild winter, so there should be a lot of pairs getting ready to breed again this year. 

A composite of the grey partridge fight this morning

As I passed Kilminning a flock of redwings flew out of the sycamores over my head. Obvious migrants. There have been very few around Crail this winter. There was another atypically feeding on the rocky shore at Balcomie. It must have been another migrant, fresh in from the North Sea and a little bit off course on its return journey to Scandinavia. Only a handful of redwings breed in Britain. And then on my way back there was a fieldfare all on its own in the wheat field next to Balcomie Caravan park. One more migrant, also on its way back to Scandinavia. I might be constrained but the birds are still coming to us.

The redwing on the shore at Balcomie,
and the fieldfare.

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  1. Have you seen any wheatears yet – I saw my first 2 days ago at Kilminning?

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