March 15th   2 comments

It is blowing another gale today – quick to get to Balcomie and slow to get back. I usually bird from my bike but not this morning. It took all my concentration to stop being blown into the sea. Instead I stopped a lot, hunkering down behind the bank that runs along the beach. Out of the wind it was a lovely day with lots to see. A pair of shelduck at the end of the golf course in the area where they fledged chicks successfully last year. A female merlin flying along the shore and revealing all the turnstones hidden amongst the rocks. They needn’t have worried. The merlin had a bulging crop – it had already got lucky and was off to a sheltered place to sit quietly and digest for the next few hours. A snow bunting on the rocky shore – I would have cycled right past it, although it flew up calling obviously after a few minutes and headed over the golf course. A snow bunting is a once every two years bird for the Crail list so I was very pleased to see one: they turn up in spring or autumn on the way back or from the Highlands or Scandinavia or even the Arctic. And a steady stream of razorbills past Fife Ness. All in summer plumage and heading into the Forth.

Today’s snow bunting (WC)
A proper photo of a snow bunting (JA)

Posted March 15, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

2 responses to “March 15th

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  1. Johns photos warm me up out here, yes even a snow bunting , simply marvellous.

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