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I didn’t write much last month because it was very much repetition every time I went out. The late winter bird community staying static and the weather staying windy and wet. Neither a great incentive to put the time in outside. With a new month and spring fast approaching things should now change. The weather is on an upward trend at last, with dryer and much less windy weeks ahead. Today though was another very windy and occasionally wet one. Balcomie Beach had its 30 odd sanderling and 3 bar-tailed godwits that have been there most of the winter, and the grey plover (and possibly one more) in the next bay. There were red-breasted mergansers and a couple of goldeneye in the surf. Further out lots of gannets at last. Still not the big numbers of the end of March, but today was the first time this year I could count double figures each time I scanned the sea. As I walked back through the fields to Balcomie Castle I flushed a flock of 100 golden plover. They were completely invisible in a dark, newly ploughed field. As they flew I could see some of them were getting their black bellies, ready for spring. It was almost magical the way they disappeared again as they landed just a little further away.

Red-breasted merganser (JA)
Golden plover (JA)

Posted March 1, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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