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Robin box

It’s national nestbox week. This afternoon I helped put up three nestboxes in Denburn in anticipation of the nesting season starting in three weeks if the mild weather continues. I put up two robin boxes – they have open fronts. One on an ivy covered tree with a few strands falling across the front, and another quite low down on a tree by the burn. You can see it on the right: the plan is that although it is obvious now, it will be behind a screen of leaves by April when the robins start nesting. Robins like a low down nest site and I have found a couple of nests in previous years in the ivy covered bank directly behind the tree where I put the box. In the old days – well forty years ago – you might get a spotted flycatcher using this kind of box (although they like them higher than robins). Pied wagtails like an open nest box too. I put up a third box (below) – a traditional small hole tit box for a coal tit or blue tit. As I put the nest box up I could hear a coal tit getting excited above me. A coincidence I am sure, although there is a shortage of natural nest holes in most British woodland because there are few decaying trees left standing. In Crail a lot of the tits resort to nesting in holes in the stone dykes. Anyway, I wish the new boxes luck.

Tit box

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