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After last Sunday morning’s bad luck hitting the rain, I timed it perfectly on Kingsbarn’s Beach. The gales had shifted to the south-west this morning so the beach was sheltered, and there was a sunny gap in the heavy rain showers late morning. It was such a small gap that I had the beach to myself for thirty minutes – on Sunday morning that’s unheard of. Only a few locals made it out there for their dog walks, come what may, a bit later. There was a lot of rain overnight reflected in the big streams cutting the beach off, again keeping people away. But a little wading was all that was needed. The fields could not be more saturated and again the water was streaming off, with pools everywhere. The fan of silt coming out of the Kenly Burn extended out nearly a kilometer into the sea – it looked like the famous meeting of the waters in the Amazon where the clear water of the Rio Solimoes meets the dark waters of the Rio Negro and they run side by side for kilometers before mixing. A spectacular sight in Fife but not so good in terms of the tons of top soil being washed out of any recently ploughed field.

I was looking for a black guillemot that has been see a couple of times in the last two weeks just off the car park. These are west coast birds although Crail gets one or two past every winter. No luck but the rough sea could have hidden a humpback whale, let alone a guillemot. There were a couple of red-throated divers and long-tailed ducks amongst the eiders and cormorants, but nothing passing further out except a few kittiwakes and a shelduck. It was high tide so at least the usual 20 or so purple sandpipers were there to be enjoyed, close in on the rocks just to the north of the car park. There were a couple of signs of spring: the cormorants getting their white faces and thigh patches and the black-headed gulls getting their hoods – both getting their breeding plumage ready. Again, despite the weekend storms it has been mild. Even the frogs were active in my garden yesterday.

A cormorant coming into summer plumage (JA)

Posted February 9, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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