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The black redstart was still on the beach at the east end of Roome Bay this morning. It was having a bad time with the local robin. It kept on chasing the redstart away, following it up into the gorse above the cliffs before returning to the beach. The redstart would then head down to a new bit of beach, usually round the corner directly below the cliffs where a second robin would do the same again. A black redstart is ecologically pretty much a robin on a beach in the winter – they feed on exactly the same things, in the same way. And I bet the red tail gets on a robin’s nerves subliminally. The turnstones were still feeding away at high tide like yesterday except a little gang of them were actually climbing the cliffs and picking around in the stony base. I can only imagine that, because of the very high tide, that the sandhoppers had moved well up above the tideline and were easy to find amongst the stony soil which would have prevented them from burrowing and so using their normal hiding behaviour. Some of the rock and meadow pipits were foraging there as well.

The turnstones feeding at the base of the cliffs in Roome Bay this morning (also a meadow pipit). You can see a tree fern fossil on the rock bottom right as well. (WC)
Turnstone (JA)
The black redstart (JA)

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