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Today was the first day without a single summer migrant – not even the chiff-chaffs and blackcaps that have been at Kilminning for the last month. It’s all winter migrants now: a siskin over the High Street, mistle thrushes at Kilminning and unusually, a flock of 20 greylag goose at Balcomie. I spotted a long neck sticking out of the stubble in the distance and saw that it was a greylag; I tried to get a bit closer without realising that the rest of the flock was indeed a lot closer in the neighbouring field. Up they all went and headed off towards Cambo. I’m not sure if these are wandering Scottish birds or migrants from further afield. In any case, we usually only get greylags here in the winter in small numbers, mixed in with pink footed goose, rather than in discrete flocks. They are always easy to spot in a flock of pink feet being much larger. On the ground their big orange bill is a giveaway too.

The first greylag goose at Balcomie – even at this view its obviously a greylag with its pale head and orange bill (WC)
Greylag geese (JA)

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