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One of the great wildlife spectacles we have on our doorstep is a late afternoon high tide on Balcomie Beach, with a good swell and hundreds of gulls and waders feeding right at the tide edge. The gulls on the water and the shorebirds on the beach, and a constant swirl and exchange of birds as they avoid the breaking waves. And with a late afternoon tide at this time of year there is often a low sun falling behind the beach, making the gulls and the spray shine against the dark, seaweed sea. If you sit down on the high tide line, with the marram grass and the sun behind you, everything on the beach soon ignores you. I was soon surrounded by birds last Sunday, with turnstones, redhanks and a bar-tailed godwit feeding only a few meters away. I took some photos but they don’t do it justice. Most wildlife spectacles are so much better when you are there. The combination of the constant movement and exchange of animals, the noise of the waves and the gulls shrieking as they dodge them, and best of all the feeling of not knowing quite where to look because there is something happening all around you. Good wildlife watching experiences are more about being immersed in them, about being a part of the scene, than the actual cast.

Gulls wave dodging at Balcomie (WC)

Posted October 29, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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