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Sea watching at Fife Ness was similar to yesterday. A lot going past into the brisk northerly but nothing very unusual. In an hour this morning I had about 10 little gulls and 1 or 2 adult Mediterranean gulls amongst the usual gulls, gannets and auks. There were more wildfowl passing: a couple of brent geese, and some goldeneye and teal flocks that were notable. And in the background the peeping of the Fife Ness invisible kingfisher. It was right in front of the hide for a bit, but without it calling you would not have known.

Mediterranean gull (JA)

At the top of Kilminning there were a few redwings, and still the flock of long-tailed tits. At the bottom of Kilminning there was a chiff-chaff. It was calling like an “eastern” chiff-chaff– a very different “see-u”. There was at least one of these birds around when the Pallas’s warbler was about, but I was distracted and didn’t pay it much attention. This bird today had a hint of a wing bar and was a bit greenish grey but was otherwise fairly indistinct from any local chiff-chaff. The call though is very distinct. A swallow flying along the coast was the only other summer migrant about: swallows were reasonably common last week but they have become very scarce now.

Two of the long-tailed tits in the flock of about 15 that have been at Upper Kilminning for the last week (WC)

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