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I was down in London this morning – I really don’t think it is going to catch on, even if I did see a ring-necked parakeet above Kings Cross. Nice to be back in Crail even after only two days away. It’s a nerve wracking time to be away in terms of missing something like the Pallas’s. But it has been quiet, although there is a gentle easterly tonight and probably tomorrow, with rain on Wednesday. I walked around Crail this evening and across some stubble fields looking again for a Lapland bunting. I put up 10 corn buntings in the field behind Saucehope, a few skylarks and a common snipe. But in the distance flying into the Forth, a whimbrel called a few times. I whistled to it and it called back but didn’t pause its journey. This might be my latest ever whimbrel for Crail. I shouldn’t think it was worried. Two days non-stop flight for a whimbrel (and they can manage 5 or 6 non-stop days routinely) and it will be in North Africa. Some do winter in the UK anyway – I had one for several winters, in exactly the same small patch of saltmarsh on the Tyninghame estuary on the opposite side of the Forth from us.

Any excuse to post a picture of one of my favourite birds – the global star, a whimbrel (JA)

Posted October 14, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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