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I was on Aberdeen station last night heading back to Crail when I saw a picture posted from upper Kilminning earlier. A Pallas’s warbler – a once in a decade rare bird for Crail. We have had two in Denburn since I have been here. It’s much like a yellow browed warbler, just more so – more stripes and more yellow and more active. They are very smart, little birds. You can guess I was out at Kilminning as it got light (a not so epic 7:50 at this time of year) and I have been looking for the warbler off an on, inbetween other commitments, all day. It is now raining heavily and will be dark in the next hour so I have given up. You can also guess that I didn’t see it. It was resighted briefly this afternoon so I have not given up hope. But it is a difficult bird. It certainly didn’t call all day which would have made it a lot easier and the many goldcrests, chiff-chaffs (easily double figures today) and the couple of yellow-browed warblers moving restlessly around Kilminning made it both exciting – always something to check – but also very tiring. I have looked at a lot of goldcrests today. Even without the Pallas’s it was good birding – the mixed flocks I have mentioned, plus at least two ring ouzels, lots of blackbirds and redwings coming in during the day, a brambling and a short-eared owl over the golf course. And a record-breaking year list bird – number 162, a redpoll (it was a flyover, calling): probably a lesser redpoll if you worry about these things. I would have preferred the new record to have been set by a Pallas’s, but perhaps it will still extend the list tomorrow morning.

Today’s consolation prize for dipping the Pallas’s warbler – a short-eared owl just in from the North Sea (JA)

Posted October 10, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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