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I couldn’t resist checking out the Patch at Fife Ness this morning because a reed warbler was reported there yesterday. A reed warbler is a rarer bird on the Crail list than a marsh warbler, and this time of year, any reed warbler type bird is worth an extra look just in case. But reed warblers are another skulker species and I didn’t find it. But I was treated to some nice close views of a migrant male ring ouzel and I could hear it, or even another, grumpily chacking all the time I was in the Patch. There were lots of goldcrests about that were also obvious migrants but the origin of a great spotted woodpecker that was around was less clear. We get migrant great spotted woodpeckers coming across the North Sea at this time of year and they stand out because they are not very common around Crail at other times of year. But perhaps it was just a Scottish woodpecker and I was misinterpreting its foraging on a telephone pole as desperation after a long overnight oversea flight.

Male blackbird – exactly where a ring ouzel was about five minutes before. Blackbirds are a bit less shy than ring ouzels… (WC)
The “desperate” great spotted woodpecker in the Patch this morning (WC)
Migrant goldcrest (JA)

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