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Despite easterlies continuing since the weekend and some very heavy rain overnight and on Tuesday night, I don’t think anything new has come in since Sunday. I was out for a couple of hours today, checking Kilminning and Craighead and I found 4 yellow-browed warblers, two in the same place as Sunday, I saw the red-breasted flycatcher again in exactly the same place, and found a spotted flycatcher at lower Kilminning – one was also reported on Monday so I think it was only a new bird for me. The yellow-browed warblers today were elusive and I had only glimpses. If they hadn’t been calling – and they are not calling much – I wouldn’t have known. I expect there were several I consequently missed today. The red-breasted flycatcher was still showing well. I sat on the wall by the road and waited for it to come to me. I could see it for most of the time in the denser vegetation behind the wall, but every ten minutes or so it would come closer along the wall giving great views. But it was very lively, feeding frantically, and I think it will be moving on this evening if the rain holds off. The wind is now back westerly and it has brightened up accordingly, with the low cloud disappearing by lunchtime: there were quite a few swallows about today as well to add to the more cheerful picture.

Spotted Flycatcher at lower Kilminning today (WC)
The red-breasted flycatcher still at Craighead Cottages (at the turning down to Fife Ness by the golf club) (WC)

Later, I was sea watching early evening and watching the barnacle geese that are still passing Crail in good numbers, when I realised another consequence of the wind becoming westerly. The barnacles earlier in the week were passing high and fast, using the wind to get into the Forth. Now they are passing very low and slow, heading into it. The early goose catches the wind.

Low flying barnacle geese today heading into the wind (JA)

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