September 24th   1 comment

Birding luck will even out. This morning I went in search of a little bunting photographed at Kilminning yesterday afternoon, but not identified until late last night. The weather wasn’t great. Windy and frequent rain showers. I trudged around Kilminning for a couple of hours, checking the field edges, the stubble and the bushes in case it was sheltering but no luck. I saw plenty of yellowhammers and one reed bunting that got me going until it hauled itself out to the top of the bush it was in to look less mysterious. I did find my third yellow-browed warbler of the season, calling loudly from the top of a sycamore for a minute. There were a few people out looking all day so the little bunting may well have moved on last night. But the little bunting I found at Balcomie last autumn was equally elusive and they can easily disappear into one of the many stubble fields around Fife Ness – another bunting amongst many. I will keep looking out for it for the next few days just in case.

Sadly not the little bunting – but a reed bunting

Posted September 24, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. Sadly we didn’t see it either yesterday but did flush a number of twitchers!

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