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Still not much change. The waders are more or less the same at Balcomie – lots of dunlin and ringed plover, a few sanderling and three bar-tailed godwits. There were three northern wheatears at the north end rocks and these are probably some of the same birds as last week, although there are fewer this week. Kilminning was very quiet apart from the flocks of swallows catching insects around the sycamore canopies, some goldcrests and a few blackcaps – the whitethroats and willow warblers have all gone now. There were two siskin in at the lower part of Kilminning – the first of the winter for me. And down in the place where they often turn up, along the road past the water treatment building towards the golf course, a whinchat feeding beside a stonechat. The whinchat is likely to be a migrant from the west of Scotland rather than an indication of rarer birds from the east, but still a nice autumn bird that I will be following to Nigeria and Liberia later this coming winter. 

Whinchat left, and stonechat right foraging together and in the same way at Kilminning this morning (WC)

I watched a sparrowhawk hunting along the shore below Kilminning, putting up everything including gulls even though it was a small male. A flock of 30 lapwings resting on the shore flew off, bunching up in a dense group in response to the hawk before they headed south. I am seeing sparrowhawks hunting along the shore nearly every visit but as yet no merlins this autumn.

One of the sparrowhawks hunting along the shore out at Fife Ness, Balcomie and Kilmminning at the moment (JA)

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