September 9th   2 comments

I should have kept my sooty shearwater complaint to myself. Two minutes sea watching this evening from my house and a sooty shearwater came past. After thousands of fulmars and hundreds of manx shearwaters this autumn, it looked so dark and distinctive with its powerful wing beats, and then a quick flash of silver as it banked out of site behind the Marine Hotel that demarcates the end of my sea watching view. The last sooty shearwater I saw this year was in the Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego in March – it and its friends were hanging out with black-browed albatrosses, giant petrels, magallenic penguins and sei whales. My sooty shearwater today won’t have been one of those birds but then again, it could be.

Sooty shearwater – this is one my favourite photos of John’s and I have posted it before and will again I’m sure to celebrate this epic global wanderer

Posted September 9, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. Do you have any recommendations on spotting scopes, I am currently looking for a scope to use along with my camera… Coastal birdwatching in my local area of Crail, but also Tentsmuir, Dundee and Angus etc…

    • There are many scopes to choose from; the small Nikons are good and relatively inexpensive (still several hundred pounds though). You need to go to a shop like Viking in Edinburgh and have a try. I think small, light scopes and tripods are the best – better to have your average scope with you – than to have left your heavy, brilliant scope at home. My favourite scope is Zeiss 65mm Diascope, with a zoom on it – good weight, and good for digiscoping. But new models now well over £1K. Good luck.

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