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I haven’t been down to Balcomie Beach for a few days but it was much as last week this evening. The waders began to accumulate as the tide went out and thirty meters of beach became exposed. About 25 dunlin and the 35 ringed plovers, 5 turnstone and a scattering of redshank and oystercatchers. There were more redshanks staying roosting on the rocks and a flock of 12 knot flew in to join them – presumably some of the same birds as last week, although John had over 50 yesterday, so the numbers have been increasing. There were two juvenile northern wheatears on the rocks to the north of the beach – they should be a regular occurrence down there now for the next couple of months as birds pass through slowly on their way south. Young wheatears take their time on first migration, spending several weeks going back to Africa. Adults know where they are going and may take only a couple. It definitely starts to feel like autumn is coming when the wheatears appear at Balcomie. Another sign, of course, is the swifts going. They are late leaving this year, with tens still over Crail at the weekend, but I think many may have gone today. There should still be passage birds for the next couple of weeks to cheer us up.

I count about 50 knots in this photo that John took yesterday (JA): Stop press – Harry Bell told me that there were more than 170 at Fife Ness on the 20th. I should have gone round the corner!
A closer view of one of the knots (JA)

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  1. Hi Will,
    Spent a couple of pleasant hours with John earlier and had a count of 178 or so Knot on the rocks adjacent to stinky pool.
    Harry Bell.

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