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The wet wader fest continues. All we need are some pools and then we get the waders. Today it was a greenshank flying over Crail calling to attract attention (a three note whistle “tu-tu-tu”) – I called back and it circled over me before heading down towards Sauchope to land somewhere by the shore. This is only my third greenshank this year: some years we get several, some years we are lucky with one. The other two were in January around the Kenly Burn mouth where they regularly winter. Today’s bird will be a migrant from the highlands or Scandinavia, probably on its way to Africa, where most greenshanks winter. This evening I checked out the Old Barns pool again hopeful for more. Just gulls and a single juvenile redshank (this could easily be a migrant from far afield of course). The pool itself is becoming scarce and will be gone by tomorrow unless it rains heavily again. Pool watching is addictive: I went in search of even more by Thirdpart and Troustie. Most pools have gone already leaving muddy patches but at the weekend it must have looked like the Arctic from the air, with silvery ponds everywhere. There are still a few at Ribbonfields, including the more semi-permanent one now replenished. I flushed a green sandpiper from one of the pools closest to the road, and then again later from a smaller marshy hollow in an adjacent stubble field. You wait six years and then three come along at once.

Greenshank (JA)

Posted August 14, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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