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There is another flooded field pool at Old Barns, in the first big field on the right as you head towards Anstruther. It has been getting larger over the week and is now a substantial pond, just at the right water level for waders. It has been attracting gulls, curlews and oystercatchers all week and today it had two ruff. John gave me a call this evening: I was down at Roome Bay getting some big sky – watching gannets and a bonxie – after being indoors all day. I biked down to Old Barns as soon as possible and jumped in John’s mobile hide (aka his car). The ruff were obligingly right beside the side road up to the farm so I was glad of the cover. I would have put them up if I had tried to get close on my bike. With the car we could approach to within a few meters. Two juvenile ruff – cinnamon buff below and with dark, neatly pale fringed back feathers. They fed together happily amongst the brassica plants and the black-headed gulls, keeping close together even when passing woodpigeons made them start and fly across the pool. I left them to it and John hoping for better light as the setting sun passed below the clouds.

The scene (WC)
One of the juvenile ruff this evening (JA)
Bathing (JA)

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