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There are always great black-backed gulls around the harbour at Crail. These are the very large ones with black backs (they have an appropriate name) – much bigger than herring gulls, with really quite hefty bills. They spend a lot of their time walking around in the shallows at the harbour mouth at low tide feeding on the discarded fish that the fishermen drop from the harbour wall at high tide when they come back. It makes a great palce for great black-backed gulls – really easy food and there is not much reason for the gulls to go elsewhere. Some of the gulls present were colour-ringed on the May Island – I saw one last week X:005. It was a chick in June 2016 and is now a full adult. It has been resident in Crail Harbour ever since. It really doesn’t need to go anywhere else, and now being an adult, it will get first dibs at the discarded fish, although there is usually a lot to go round. The gulls do a good service in keeping the beach clean from fish carcasses.

One of the great black-backed gulls resident in Crail Harbour – “X:005” 3 years 2 months old (WC)

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  1. I’m wondering if you can help identify what I saw off the coast Will. I was watching gannets dive on the decking at silverdyke caravan park on Saturday afternoon, when I noticed a large mottled brown creature in the contrasting blue water: about 200-300m off shore. After a while, there seemed to be between 5 -7 of them. They drifted for about an hour towards Crail. No heads or tails appeared, but there was also no dorsal fin, but they all remained together.

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