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It is getting hard to keep track of the yellow wagtails breeding near Crail this year. I think there may be as many as five nests – two which have probably already fledged chicks. There were birds around the Thirdpart area today but not the nests where two females were very active two to three weeks ago. And at Barnsmuir there are now three areas where there are yellow wagtails, at least one active nest with a female sitting, one with a female probably feeding chicks and a third with a male hanging around as if there is also a female incubating. Optimistically that’s five nests in four separate fields, spread over 2 km. The population seems to be growing which is fantastic news for a species in decline in the UK and Europe generally. I am still not seeing more yellow wagtails here than in Africa when I join them for the winter, but they are beginning to feel more like an East Neuk bird.

A male yellow wagtail today keeping watch on its territory while I think its female was sitting on a nest (WC)

Posted June 21, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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