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The daily wader turnover at Balcomie Beach continued today. New in was a bar-tailed godwit, feeding with the oystercatchers at mid-tide this morning. It was on the way to summer plumage – speckles of red underneath and some silvery speckling above. There were four ringed plover on the beach today. The numbers go up and down, and as usual I can’t tell which are local breeders or on their way to Siberia. There were some rooks feeding on the seaweed piles today, loading up on seaweed fly maggots to take back to their now large and very noisy chicks at the rookery at Wormiston.

Rooks on the rotting seaweed piles – digging their own little pits to excavate out the seaweed fly maggots (WC)

Posted May 12, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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