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The black-tailed godwit is still about the rocky shore north of Balcomie beach and this evening there was also a bar-tailed godwit with it. Since the two bar-tailed godwits that used to winter on the beach have moved on (or passed on), they have been hard to find and I didn’t have a single Crail bar-tailed godwit last year. This one was still in winter plumage, and although they are late breeders, I don’t think this one will breed this year. A bar-tailed godwit in full summer plumage is worth seeing – a bright brick red underneath and speckled black and silver grey above. But after a couple of years any bar-tailed godwit around Crail is worth seeing, and a two godwit night especially so. As well as the godwits, there were over 10 whimbrels, a couple of curlews and 5 or so northern wheatears; passing at sea there were a few flocks of common scoter.

Bar-tailed godwit still in winter plumage (JA)

Posted April 30, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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