April 28th   2 comments

Some of the week’s migrants left last night. The wood warbler is still in Denburn and one or two lesser whitethroats are still around Kilminning. The most obvious migrants today were whimbrels at Fife Ness. I counted over ten in an hour from Balcomie Beach this afternoon. The black-tailed godwit of yesterday was still here hanging around with the whimbrels. And the moorhen was still about the caravans at Fife Ness. I got a message that it was first seen on the 19thso it is not the newly arrived migrant I thought it was, but instead a temporary, caravan loving resident. Moorhens can be quite terrestrial but they need some freshwater to breed in, so I still think it is a passage migrant. Moorhens in Finland, for example, are almost entirely migratory so this could be a moorhen blown off course, and taking its time refuelling.

Whimbrel (JA)

Female eiders are now scarce as most are on eggs somewhere like the May Island leaving lots of males with not much to do. One of the females remaining at Balcomie was surrounded by four ardent male admirers, all stretching their necks up in display and making their “phoar phoar” calls. It was a relatively gentle affair with the males behaving themselves – not the gang affairs of male mallards around a lone female at this time of year.

The female eider at Balcomie this afternoon with her four suitors (WC)

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  1. Hi Will,
    Really enjoy reading your blog. My husband spotted an otter at Kilrenny Mill Caravan park. It was scurrying across the rocks on 24th April directly in line with the brook that runs parallel to the park. Did manage to take a photo, but not very good I’m afraid as it moved so quickly when it saw us.

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