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Despite the rain of last night there was nothing new in last night. Looking at the wind map it is not surprising. Although the wind is from the south-east, it is circling around the UK anti-clockwise, rather than blowing from Europe. But the conditions weren’t good for departure either so everything around yesterday was still here. The wood warbler still singing in Denburn, lesser whitethroats and a pied flycatcher at Kilminning and wheatears at Balcomie. I watched the pied flycatcher catch a huge caterpillar on the ground. It had fallen from a tree above the tarmac and was easy to spot as it tried to get to cover. It was so big that it slowed the pied flycatcher down. It spent a couple of minutes bashing it against a branch before swallowing it with great difficulty. It then sat and looked decidedly sick before starting off foraging again. A few more like that will power the flycatcher to its final destination tonight.

The pied flycatcher struggling with the giant caterpillar (JA)

Balcomie Beach was almost empty of shorebirds, except for a black-tailed godwit, flying up to resume its journey northward as a walker disturbed it. Black-tailed godwits are rare here except in July. There were also three turnstone and a couple of whimbrel on the rocks closer to Fife Ness. Out at sea there was a steady passage of auks and kittiwakes from the May Island, including my first puffins of the year. Pairs of sandwich terns were passing very few minutes and out with a feeding kittiwake flock, my first common tern of the year.

Black-tailed godwit in summer plumage (JA)

As I left Fife Ness, I noticed a moorhen scuttling out from behind the caravans. They might be common elsewhere but this is my first ever for Fife Ness. They got excited on the May Island a couple of weeks ago when a moorhen also turned up there – the first recorded for many years – and I wonder if this is the same bird, fed up with the island life.

An uncomfortable and out of place moorhen at Fife Ness today (WC)

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  1. The moorhen was there, poking about the caravans on Good Friday.

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