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If you go through Denburn you will notice a large mixed flock of great, blue and coal tits, with the occasional smaller goldcrest. Tits are always noticeable, but among them are often one or two treecreepers that are much less obvious. Treecreepers are very well camouflaged and as they scuttle up and around the branches and trunks of trees they are frequently hidden. The best way of finding them is to listen to their call – a high pitched “zeeee, zeeee”, a bit more whistle like than a goldcrest or a coal tit. Another way is to watch for any flying flock member that suddenly apparently collides with the side of the tree and then continues running straight up it. Treecreepers aren’t that shy but are always on the move so you have to get lucky for a close view. When you do they are perhaps one of our nicest birds, with a delicately curved bill and a ragged long tail that braces it as it creeps up a tree.

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  1. Interesting, to hear more about treecreepers! I saw one outside College Gate in St Andrews, a few weeks ago, on one of those smallish bare trees by the parked cars. I’d never seen one before, but knew the name, and then saw something creeping up the tree, so thought that must be it and then googled it. I was about 2 feet away from it; it didn’t seem to mind me at all; it kept going round the tree, with me following. A very strange wildlife encounter. I’ll look out for them in Crail, in that case. Thanks for this interesting blog, as always.

    Christine Rauer, Bank House, Crail

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