February 14th   1 comment

It has almost begun to feel a bit like spring these last few days. This morning it was ten degrees and there was a lot of birdsong as I walked through Crail first thing. The robins and wrens have been singing a while, but they are now joined by great tits, blackbirds, song thrushes, greenfinches and dunnocks. This evening, just as it was getting dark – now nearly at 6pm – there was a single blackbird singing from a rooftop on the High Street close to my garden. It was perfectly still and in between the occasional cars otherwise perfectly silent. The blackbird had the air all to itself, broadcasting its territory and readiness for spring to Crail. Blackbirds may have the nicest, most beautiful song in the world: I have heard a lot of them, but still think it is hard to beat a solo singing blackbird.

A beautiful male blackbird – one of our best, if not the best, singers

Another sign of spring is the returning fulmars. Some come back to sit on their nests in February even though they won’t lay any eggs until May. Older birds seem to visit their nests constantly through the year except for mid-winter. How the pairs synchronise their visits to coincide seems to be a mystery, but perhaps one just has to wait until its mate appears. This might explain why there is such a lot of hanging around.


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  1. Will,
    I couldn’t agree more, I heard my first singing bird of the year a couple of days ago and it fair cheered me up!!.
    Harry Bell

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