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I was returning from giving a talk to the Dundee Naturalists Society last night at about half past nine when I saw a barn owl flying over the road at Balmashie, between Fairmont and Boarhills. There is a ruined house or farm building just by the side of the road there that I bet would make a good nest site for a barn owl. That with seeing my last barn owl in exactly the same location last year makes me think that this is probably a resident owl or two. So look out for ghostly white birds crossing the road (usually about car height which is not so good in terms of collision risk but good in terms of them catching your headlights). Barn owls look like gulls in a headlight view because they are so pale. When they are perched they can be less obvious unless you are checking every fence post along the way. Luckily it’s a quiet road so you can drive safely and look for owls as well.

Barn Owl

Posted January 9, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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