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There is a little grebe down at the harbour in Crail. It has been hanging around at least since New Year’s day. Look for a very small duck like bird, diving on its own between the harbour and the point to the west. They look like a duckling – and they are also known as dabchicks. Little grebes are everywhere – usually on every small pond and lake throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. But because of Crail’s lack of ponds they are only locally at Carnbee, West Quarry Braes and Kilconquar. In colder weather a few end up on the sea. The last one in Crail was also by harbour beach on September 27th 2014 and there was a little grebe in residence just off the shore at Balcomie during the new year of 2011. There seemed to be many more little grebes than usual at Carnbee this New Year’s day (10-15) so perhaps they had a good breeding season and the young ones are now dispersing and looking for new territories. Inevitably a few end up on the shore where they can feed quite well on small fish for a while, although they never breed by salt water.

Little grebe

Posted January 3, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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