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I was back out to Kingsbarns this morning and the beach and stubble fields to the north. It’s a nice dog walk and it’s such a bird magnet at the moment. Yesterday there was a hen harrier reported and of course there has been a short-eared owl seen there a few times this winter. But my run of bad luck there continues. Just a couple of common buzzards, bird of prey wise. I did enjoy tens of curlew flying along the coast, their lonely sounding calls matching the open sea behind them. And a grey wagtail flushed up from my feet, as always like a shaft of sunlight against the dark rocks. There were not many skylarks in the stubble field, but among them was a large lark like bunting. It didn’t call but I should think it was likely a lapland bunting: certainly my best candidate for one this winter.

Common buzzard


Posted December 13, 2018 by wildcrail in Sightings

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