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There has been a hen harrier reported hunting behind Crail for the last couple of days, particularly in the rough grass fallow field behind Bow Butts and Denburn. Look out for a thinner winged buzzard with a long tail and a white rump. The hen harrier is the species which gets a very hard time because of illegal persecution on grouse moors. They should be regulars each winter round Crail but their population is much lower in Scotland than it should be and we haven’t had a hen harrier around for a couple of years. The field behind Denburn is great at the moment with a lot of tall dead grass in it making it a good habitat for voles which harriers love. I didn’t see it myself today when I went out looking – but did enjoy a sparrowhawk, a kestrel and a couple of buzzards enjoying the “harrier” field and adjacent stubble fields. I also put up lots of skylarks and a flock of 17 corn bunting from the stubble north of Saucehope between the airfield and Pinkerton. Walking through a winter stubble field is a joy and they are great habitats for birds – I hope a few stay unploughed through the winter.

Female hen harrier similar to the one around Crail at the moment

Posted November 23, 2018 by wildcrail in Sightings

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