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It’s hard to ignore a bit of easterly wind, even this late in the season. The last two days have been south-easterly and there were rain showers last night. So I was out at Kilminning this morning and there were a few winter migrants in. I got the snipe set. First, a jack snipe flushed from some boggy grass beside the road – a very atypical habitat for a jack snipe, but one that probably sufficed for a tired migrant hitting Scottish shores last night after a long flight over the North Sea. Second, a common snipe flushed from the stubble field by the airfield as I checked for buntings among the skylark. And third, a few woodcock, looking huge and cumbersome as they flushed after the small and fast jack snipe. There were more in Denburn so a fair few must have come in last night. Other obvious migrants were a brambling and a flock of over 20 twite flying over. It’s hard to tell if they were migrants too but there were also a lot of goldcrests about.

The snipe 3 – jack snipe, dark backed, never calls; common snipe, long billed and makes a “ergh” grunt as it flies away; woodcock, large and heavy looking

Posted November 8, 2018 by wildcrail in Sightings

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