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The cold spell finished this weekend and temperatures went up to 14 degrees both on Saturday and Sunday – a ten degrees difference from last weekend. In the more sheltered part of Roome Bay it was a few degrees warmer still in the afternoon sun. There was a mass emergence of seaweed flies as a consequence and they were also washed out with the high tide. The cliff end of Roome Bay was a mass of birds taking advantage. Mostly black-headed gulls swimming just on or behind the breaking surf, picking the flies or the maggots from the surface, occasionally all taking flight as a big wave broke over them. On the shore the Crail redshanks were all picking through the washed-up seaweed. About 30 of them with three of my colour-ringed birds (probably the only survivors now) among them. There were about 15 turnstones, a lot of rock pipits and some pied wagtails also joining in on the beach. I watched one of the pied wagtails, surrounded by a blizzard of flies, just picking them out of the air without having to move a few steps between swallows.

The seaweed fly festival at Roome Bay this afternoon – note the black specks around the pied wagtail, they are all flies. You will probably gather John is away (in Chile) at the moment so these are my photos taken with my phone through my telescope.

Posted November 4, 2018 by wildcrail in Sightings

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