October 28th   3 comments

The northerly wind straight down from Spitsbergen and along the Norway coast has brought some white-billed divers along the east coast. This high arctic diver is really rare and I haven’t seen one in the UK. Two have passed Fife Ness in the last two days so I have been sea watching with a lot of hope. Today I had a close black-throated diver and some red-throated divers, and yesterday the great northern, but no luck with a white-billed. They are even bigger and bulkier looking than great northerns and their bill is so pale it can look like they have just grabbed a banana. There was plenty to entertain this morning from Fife Ness anyway – a great skua and an arctic skua, lots of kittiwakes passing far out and probably some little gulls in with them, and a steady stream of wildfowl as yesterday, but perhaps more common scoters and fewer long tailed ducks. The wind is now from the east and will be until Wednesday when rain is forecast – a good prospect for a late autumn rarity. Fingers crossed again.

Pale phase arctic skua passing Fife Ness

Posted October 28, 2018 by wildcrail in Sightings

3 responses to “October 28th

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  1. What time did you leave the hide yesterday morning? You couldn’t have missed it by much. It went by at 1025 though I noted it down as a Great Northern at the time & photos weren’t particularly obvious until I had a look at them on computer screen.

  2. I only have 1 GND before the WBD, noted at 0932.

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