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I was out at Cambo this morning – another very mild day. Kingsbarns Beach was at its Sunday morning busiest so no room for any birds except on the rocky bits. I watched a few turnstones feeding there amongst the seaweed. They are consummate opportunist and generalists. After the apocalypse there will be rats and turnstones. There was a whole series of short notes submitted to the magazine “British Birds” in the 1980s – which is still going by the way and well worth a read in its 112thor so year – about what turnstones have been observed eating. It was like a game of poker. Foraging on insects or worms in a garden to play, raise you with fish and chips or bird’s eggs, again with various kinds of animal faeces, raise a whole lot more with pecking the blubber off dead seals and even stranded but still alive whales, and then finally everybody else fold with foraging on a washed-up human corpse. And you will find them doing this kind of thing on every beach in the world. I think it was only sandhoppers today though, as they turned over the wrack and the occasional stone by the mouth of the Kenly Burn.

Turnstone – really not a fussy eater

Posted October 21, 2018 by wildcrail in Sightings

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