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The May Island has had an influx of birds brought in by the returning easterlies of the last two days and then the heavy rain showers of yesterday. I set off for Balcomie and Fife Ness this morning in the first real migrant hope of the spring season. When the wind is in the east it takes a long time to cycle out but it is usually worth it. Sadly not today. There were certainly some more blackbirds about and maybe some robins, but nothing out of the winter ordinary at Kilminning or in the Patch at Fife Ness. I did have some very close views of goldcrests feeding less than a meter away and I suspect finding it hard going in the cold wind – they may have been hungry migrants of course. The pair of sparrowhawks that nest in the Patch thought it was spring at least: they were displaying to each other over the trees with their slow wingbeat pacing, looking very laid back in the stiff breeze. A seawatch at Fife Ness was most notable for the waves. There were kittiwakes and common gulls passing close in and razorbills and red-throated divers further out. Balcomie Beach has miraculously been cleared of it mountains of washed up timber – perhaps not that unexpected considering the piles of sea-washed lumber that I spotted in various farm buildings around and about today. There were some dead shags washed up instead as the storms continue to take their toll. The cycle back into Crail was much quicker than the journey out: the season hasn’t quite started but it can’t be long now before we get the first chiff-chaff back through Crail.

A razorbill passing Fife Ness today

Posted March 31, 2018 by wildcrail in Sightings

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