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MOBB first ringed in November 2012…

I have been in Africa for the last two weeks. Following the migrants to the middle of Nigeria. Catching nightingales, whitethroats, yellow wagtails and whinchats to put colour-rings and tags on to find out what they need during the winter and whether the changes in Africa will mean some will still come back again each spring. Three days ago I took an adult male whinchat out of a net that was already ringed. MOBB (Metal Orange Blue Blue). We first caught this one as a young male on the 10th November 2012, so it was born sometime in May or June that year. Probably in Eastern Europe or in Russia: most of the whinchats we have tagged have gone there to breed, although they range from Serbia to Finland to the Ural Mountains – about one quarter of Europe. And here it was again, about 100 meters away from where it was originally caught, but separated by 5 years of time and over 66,000 kilometres of travel in between. Not bad for a bird the size of a robin. It’s impossible not to like birds.

Back to eight hour days and cold weather, and no African birds here until next March or April.

MOBB recaught 3 days ago, still going strong 5 years later

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